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Happy Honey Life manga summary: Chapter 1: Happy Honey LifeHiro works in a coffee shop with his sister. he is in love with a friend of his late father who is just a "friend" :(. thats not the only problem the guy also likes hiro but treats him like a kid even though he is 21 because there is a 12 year difference btween them. don't worry the guy doesn't look old at all. and its very HOT.Chapter 2: Eternal EmbraceBookworm Tomoya Kuga accepted the job in the library reluctantly, but since then he's fallen in love with Literature Professor Mikumo. When troubled sex friend Makoto assaults him in the library late one night, Tomoya doesn't realize that the professor sees them. But the next day the professor sends Tomoya away...Chapter 3: Tenohira no KokoroThis guy has been dating his sepai for a year now but they haven't even gone past holding hands!! Now he has a chance to invite his lover to the beach and hot spring and finally get past holding hands!!Chapter 4: Domestic Cat Blues

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