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Rosario + Vampire manga summary: Tsukune Aono is a typical teen who's not able to get into any local high schools as a result of his poor scores. The school educates creatures including disguising as them the best way to coexist with people, but any actual individuals discovered on campus are to be killed. Although he worries for his life, an attractive vampire girl named Moka Akashiya, who loves his business and particularly the flavor of his blood is befriended by Tsukune. Throughout a fight using a school bully, Tsukune finds that she transforms right into a strong vampire having a totally distinct style, and inadvertently removes the rosario from Moka's necklace.Due to Moka, Tsukune determines to stay at Yokai. He befriends previously antagonistic pupils, including a child prodigy witch Yukari Sendo as well as a succubus Kurumu Kurono. On a club visit to the world that is human, they meet with a witch, from being torn down by developers, Ruby Tojo, who defends a field of sunflowers. Ruby, having recovered from harms, joins the staff as the Headmaster's helper of the school. The club has difficulty keeping the creature school a secret when Tsukune's cousin manages to slip on the school property.Moka's younger sister Koko Shuzen, season II registers. Mizore, Ruby, and she join the Newspaper Club. On an excursion to the birthplace of Mizore, they learn of a dangerous organization called Fairy Tale, which attempts to ruin the human world. The Newspaper Club sees the human world in the place where they run into trouble with opponents from the 7th Branch office of Fairy Tale, and meet with a former club member, San Otonashi. Chinese transfer pupil Fangfang Huang attempts to recruit his mafia family to be joined by Tsukune.At Hong Kong, the gang along with Tsukune learn the facts about Moka's identity: her mom Akasha Bloodriver, who lost herself to shield them from Alucard, the first First Ancestor vampire infused with First Ancestor blood her. Moka's oldest sister Aqua gains Moka to bring to Fairy Tale, which supposes that Moka is the secret to restoring Alucard and infiltrates the Huang manor. While their powers are trained by his buddies, Tsukune has his body changed by Tohofuhai to manage the coming challenges.The gang along with Tsukune infiltrate the Hanging Garden: a sky fortress that functions as the headquarters of Fairy Tale. Moka is eventually reached by the group, but must confront Kalua and her sisters Aqua. So that you can command Alucard Gyokuro snatches Moka's rosario. A character known as the Masked King shows himself to be a clone of Alucard's first vampire kind. He shows he has controlled both Fairy Tale and its own resistance to decide whether he could be controlled by the rosario, and after that unites together with his creature self, who goes on a rampage in Tokyo.Moka is mortally wounded, but she is revived by Tsukune by removing all his sacred locks and transforming himself into a First Ancestor vampire. Alucard is beaten down by them, however he revives and shows that he's hatched eggs in the leading cities in Japan. Tsukune's friends and allies, combined with two other Dark Lords, group together to fight with his clones and Alucard. Moka's rosario are put by Tsukune on Alucard, which awakens Akasha inside his creature body. Akasha tells Alucard to give the fight up, plus they project a self-disintegration fascination. Since the presence of creatures is famous in the world that is human, coexistence has become even more difficult to realize, yet, Tsukune is assured that his buddies and he can get it done.

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