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    [es]~エターナル・シスターズ~ ; Croquis (TAKENASHI Eri) ; The P.E. Storage Room Romance ; The Paper Piano ; [es]エターナルシスターズ

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ES - Eternal Sisters manga summary: Anthology of girlxgirl stories related to school life.Many of the artists here appear in Yurihime also.Volume 01:• Love Lunch Deluxe, by Fujieda Miyabi• Little Garden, by Benjamin (Kuromasa Shisei)• Coincidence, by Teramoto Kaoru• Words to Transmit, by Minamoto Hisanari• A Dream of Chrysanthemum, by Miyakoshi Wasoh• The Staffage of Mikage Street, by The Office of Satou Akitoki• The Apple and the Ribbon ~ A Tale of Blood, by Sumino Hirune• Croquis, by Takenashi Eri• Boku no Rit-chan, by Shouji Haruka• Triangle, by Hirowa Nagi• Younger Sister ~ Kyun, by Masuyama Kei• Miura-san and Me, by Kindaichi RenjuurouOneshot from Mermaid Line• Final Battle!, by Uchimura Kaname• Nini (Novel), by Yakadan SakanaVolume 02:• Ameiro Kouchakanwa, by Fujieda MiyabiChatting at the Amber Teahouse prologue• The P.E. Storage Room Romance, by Mucchiri Muunii• Your Name, by Minamoto Hisanari• Water Garden, by Benjamin (Kuromasa Shisei)• The Paper Piano, by Karyuu• Some Glittering Day, by Inoue ShinkaiPops and Pops 2nd sequel• Hana no Yurina Gumi, by Koume Keito• The Long Far Road, by Hakamada MeraOneshot from Yoruzora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime• Let's Greet Each Other With a Smile, by Miyakoshi Wasoh• Bound and Open, by Izumi Yuu• About The Punishment, by Uchimura Kaname• Let's Eat Together, by Kimuru• The P.E. Storage Room Romance, by Mucchiri Muunii

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