Advent of Snow White of the Hell

Info Advent of Snow White of the Hell
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    백설지옥강림 ; Advent into Hell ; Advent of Snow White Hell ; Advent of Snow White to Hell ; Snow coming down to hell ; Địa Ngục Tuyết Trắng (Vietnamese) ; مجيء سنو وايت إلى الجحيم(Arabic) ; äventyret om snö vit av helvetet (swedish)

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Advent of Snow White of the Hell manga summary: The afterlife! Once someone goes in they can never make it out alive! Snow White journeyed to the spirit world with the pass to the spirit world her mom left her to find her dad’s spirit but…“To lose my love, or to kill her, those are the two choices I’m faced with.”The blood loving and cold, absolute devil, Pa Sun.The one who wishes to protect Snow White’s happiness but must take her life, Tae San."I no longer have the right to be by your side, I love you.Holding those feelings in my heart, I leave you for your sake."Will our kind and lovely Snow White’s jealous sister Oori’s curse follow her to the afterlife…?

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